History of Marinol






In the beginning there was a void, and Solaris saw this void and thought, “there should really be something here”, so with his great wisdom he created Marinol, and upon Marinol he created the great races; the Marnec, known for their great strength, the Harmin, known for their use of magic, and the Krowac, known for their great love of the land. from these three great races came all others. But there was a fourth race, not from Solaris, but from the great dark one, Zargon, the race known as the Dogoths, from which all evil races descended.

Many millennia passed, there was harmony, the Great Races stayed separate, and then the Rain of Fire came, and with it the Dragons. The land was torn asunder and the Great Races thrown to the four winds, their lands lost, they began to intermingle. The Dragons took claim on the lands of Marinol, and rule for thousands of years.

The reign the dragons was mixed, the Chromatic Dragons of the north ruled with iron fists, the Metallic Dragons of the south ruled with love for it’s people, and the Gem Dragons, who ruled the midlands, did so with the promotion of of free thought. but there came a time that the Chromatic Dragons wanted more, and thus started the Great Dragon War. The war lasted for 300 years, in the end, in one final battle, The Black Dragon Tiamat and the Platinum Dragon Bahamut fought to a stalemate, upon the land of Cornaria, where both dragons turned to stone, stuck in eternal battle.

It has been 250 years since the Dragon Wars, the land is at peace, the rule of the land is now in the hands of it’s people. But like all times of peace this one too is soon to be broken.

Ages of Marinol

First Age: Age of the First Races
Second Age: Age of the Dragons
Third Age: Age of Men

History of Marinol

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