House Rules






Character Creation

Stats: Roll 4d6 and re-roll 1s and 2s
Races: any normal core race, Catfolk, Dragon-blooded template, there may be more later
Classes: any from the Pathfinder books only, unless OK’ed by Paul.

Critical Hits and Fails

If you Roll a 20 on a hit roll, then you confirm with a second roll and if that hits you get to double your full damage, if you roll a 20 on your second roll then triple the damage, if you roll three 20s in a row then it is an instant kill.

Rolling a 1 on certain rolls can result in a Critical failure, and DM has Choice for any such instance.


I award all players for killing monsters, finishing blow gains an extra 10% XP. You can also get awarded XP for participating in major plot lines. You can earn extra XP for exceptional playing, solving puzzles, and other in game stuff. You can earn a full level for giving me a detailed typed character history, and it will be used in game as well.

Everything you need to know about Pathfinder Rules

The Pathfinder SRD website, here you will find all the rules, magic, character creation, classes, races and other stuff.

House Rules

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