Races Of Cornaria






GM Note: All Base races, and all GM Created races are allowed to be use in this game, all other races need to have GM Approval to play or use them.

Humans: Humans are the most common race here, they control much of Cornaria, including it capitol of Solaria.

Elves: Elves tend to stick to the many forests in Cornaria, their capitol is Valasurin, located on the northern part of the continent.

Dwarves: Dwarves live in the vast mountain ranges of Cornaria, their capitol city is Istabard, located in the Veritas Mountains.

Halflings: Halflings tend to blend in just about anywhere, they have not central capitol, but they do hold some form of office in most every city.

Gnomes: (entry omitted)

Half-orcs: Half-Orcs tend to be wild, living in the great plaines, in small nomadic tribes.

Half-elves: Like Halflings, the Half-Elves can blend into almost any society, but unlike Halflings, Half-Elves cannot take office.

Catfolk: Catfolk tend to stay in the great plains like the Half-Orcs, but they are non-nomadic, and have a capitol city called Elin.

Races Of Cornaria

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