The Land of Cornaria






Major Cities:

*Solaria: Largest city in the world, if you want it, it can be found in Solaria.

*Valasurin: City of Elves, located in the Central Northern area of Conaria, surrounded by a forest of mostly oak and cedar trees, the city sits in a grouping of redwoods.

*Istabard: A dwarven city dug into the vast Veritas Mountains.

*Elin: City of the Catfolk of the plains.

*Kadastrai: a trader city in the foothills of the Veritas Mountains.

Land Features:
The Veritas Mountains
The twin Lakes of Solaria
The Dark Mountains of Drachen
Oolock’s Emporium

From Kadastrai to Istabard (via Timbers Pass and Ironguard’s Keep): 321 Miles
From Kadastrai to Blackwall (main road): 374.5 Miles
From Kadastrai to Blackwall (Forest Road, Danger): 241 Miles
From Blackwall to Elin (main road): 241 Miles
From Elin to Solaria (main road): 187 Miles
From Istabard to Solaria (main road): 214 Miles
From Solaria to Valasurin (main road): 321 Miles

On Map of Cornaira: 1 inch = 107 Miles

The Land of Cornaria

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